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Trion CAE 128 Electronic Air Cleaner

"...Up to 1150 CFM make the Trion CAE-128 an ideal air cleaner or smoke eater for large rooms..."

Trion's CAE 128 is a commercial air cleaner uniquely designed with the intent for cleaning larger rooms and multiple room facilities. This electrostatic cleaner can help remove up to 98% of tobacco smoke, dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores and bacteria from recycled indoor air.

The Trion CAE 128 Electronic Air Cleaner Smoke Eater is simple to set up, lightweight and has a multi-speed switch and heavy duty 18 gauge welded steel cabinet. The CAE 128 is the ultimate air purifier for bars, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, reception halls, club houses, designated smoking areas, or any place where people gather to work or relax.
Model CAE 128 is wall or ceiling mounted and also features 4-way adjustable exhaust louvers.

The purifier recirculates indoor air and provides year round savings on heating and cooling costs. This unit also reduces cleaning and redecorating costs by collecting the particulants before they can gather on walls, ceilings and expensive furnishings.

Trion CAE-128 Electronic Air Cleaner Smoke Eater

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Features & Benefits of Trion CAE-128...

  • Forever Filter™ - no replacement cost/ just clean, dry and reinstall
  • Straight through air flow - more effective over large area
  • Re-circulates indoor air - no additional expenses to reheat or cool exhausted air
  • Low power consumption - lower operating cost
  • Optional charcoal after-filter - address gas and odor problems

How CAE-128 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Works...

As air enters the electrostatic precipitator, the particles pass through an electrical field that imparts an electrical charge to the particles, which can range in size from 0.01 micron to 10 microns. The charged particles pass through a series of alternately charged collector plates. Particles are repelled by plates with the same polarity and attracted to plates with opposite polarity — similar to how a powerful magnet works.

Trion CAE-128 Electrostatic Precipitator

Tech Specs for Trion CAE-128 Electronic Smoke Eater...


43"L x 20"W x 14.5"H


Wall or ceiling mounting


160 lbs, shipping 177 lbs


8' power cord with 3 prong plug included


1/3 HP direct drive with thermal protection


Squirrel Cage forward curved

Air Volume

630 - 1150 CFM (std)
565 - 890 CFM (with optional charcoal filter)

Power Consumption

6.1 amps max, 561 amps


Variable speed control and cell performance indicator light

Power Supply

UL Recognized output 6.8kvdc @ 1.2Ma
0.5 Amp draw @ 120 VAC


Up to 95% per ASHRAE Standard 52.1


Aluminum mesh 15.75"W x 11.62"H (washable)

Primary Filter

Forever Filter - Permanent Electrical Cell
Charcoal After-filter (optional)
Cabinet 18 gauge welded galvanized steel
Finish Epoxy powder coat brown color paint
Air Flow Horizontal - Left to Right or Right to Left
Accessories Forever Filter - Permanent Electrical Cell
Charcoal After-filter (optional)

Trion CAE-128 Electronic Smoke Eater exploded view with components

Trion CAE-128 Electronic Air Cleaner Smoke Eater technical drawing with dimensions


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