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Trion Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collection System

Trion Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collection System
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"...Heavy Duty Dust Collection System..."

Air Boss Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors offer a variety of cost-efficient answers for the most difficult dust, smoke and fume collection needs. Their modular design allows for a large range of sizes for the largest dust collection tasks.

Air Boss DC series includes a full range of units — from the DC-2 which collects dust at a single workstation to a DC-128 which controls particulates in large manufacturing facilities.

Air Boss helps meet and exceed NIOSH and OSHA codes for cleaning and recirculating industrial air, giving 99% effectiveness in removing submicron particles (<0.5) while being energy and cost efficient.

Applications for Trion Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collectors...

Applications for Trion Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collectors


  • Grinding

  • Sanding

  • Foundry

  • Welding

  • Blasting

  • Soldering

  • Powder Coating

  • Metallizing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Deburring

  • Polishing

  • Material Handling

  • Laser

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Mixing


  • Smoke

  • Fumes

  • Wood

  • Fiberglass

  • Food Mixes

  • Composites

  • Plastics

  • Marble

  • Carbon

  • Ceramics

  • Cotton

  • Dry Chemicals

  • Powders

  • Rubber

  • Toner

  • Cement


  • Protect employee health

  • Boost employee morale

  • Comply with government regulations

  • Increase product quality

  • Enhance company image

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce maintenance costs

How DownFlow/Vertical Dust Collection Systems Work...

How DownFlow/Vertical Dust Collection Systems Work

(1)  Down Flow System

(2)  Cartridge Filters

(3)  Dust Settling

(4)  Venturi

(5)  Pulse Jets

(6)  Cylindrical Housing

Cartridge filter

(1)  Downflow
Air Boss’ downflow vertical design has zero velocity at the base of each filter stack, allowing dust to settle uninhibited below the cartridges, thereby eliminating re-entrainment.

(2)  Cartridge Filters
The standard 100% cellulose cartridge media is high in resin content for mechanical resilience and has pleat-lock construction. Standard cartridges are rated for temperatures up to 160° F – high temperature cartridges are available.

(3)  Dust Settling
The Air Boss design allows larger dust contaminants to have a clear path to the settling area and finer dust to be collected by the filters.

(4)  Venturi
Venturi Reverse Pulse Cleaning is the quick release of pressure through a blow-tube into a venturi inductor tube into a cartridge filter. A higher volume of air is induced via this principle. The resulting burst of compressed air is more equally dispersed across the filter resulting in greater cleaning effectiveness compared to standard reverse pulse cleaning.

(5)  Pulse Jets
Pulse jet performance and economy are maximized by optimizing the orifice size and position. There are four methods of initiating jet pulse cleaning to best fit the end user’s needs.

(6)  Cylindrical Fan Housing
The motor, fan and full-length venturi are packaged into a tubular centrifugal fan arrangement for greater performance, quieter operation and simplified maintenance.

Cartridge Filters

Contaminated air is pulled through high-efficiency media cartridge filters, where the particulate is collected on the outside of the filter. Cleaned air is drawn through the system and exhausted. Standard units feature Venturi reverse pulse cleaning systems.

Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collector Advantages...

Easy Maintenance
Outstanding design features combine to promote long filter life. Easy access allows each filter to be changed in several minutes.

Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collector

Space Economy
The downflow vertical design has a smaller footprint than comparable units with horizontal filters.

Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collector

High-Performance Cartridges
With a 99% efficiency rating for submicron (.5) particulate, extra-large circular filters are vertically oriented for even dust loading and efficient cleaning.

Many other products operate with a high level of re-entrainment, which means that energy and filter life are wasted by repeatedly collecting the same dust. Air Boss patented downflow/vertical design ensures consistent filtration and efficient dust handling from capture to disposal.

Size Availability
Air Boss is designed with a full range of capacities for a vast array of applications. From the DC-2 with (2) cartridges to DC-128 with (128) cartridges, every Air Boss has the media capacity and optimal filtering velocity for every type of contaminant and process.

Powerful Cleaning
The patented venturi-assisted design optimizes reverse jet pulse cleaning and increases filter life. With four available methods to initiate the cleaning cycle, every Air Boss collector is equipped with the control system that best fits the application.

Improved Fan Operation
Venturi and innovative cylindrical fan housing increases performance, reduces noise, simplifies maintenance and eliminates the need for a discharge damper.

Rock-Solid Construction
Air Boss is built for durability and reliability with 11-gauge steel fabrication and welded seams/joints. Air Boss units are designed and tested for Seismic Zone 4.

Dust Collection Efficiency
Problem: The #1 challenge to dust collection efficiency is re-entrainment – dust collected is stirred up and has to be filtered all over again. The goal is to dislodge the dust and allow it to settle in a hopper below and not be redeposited on the filters.

Solution: With Air Boss’ patented downflow vertical airflow technology, re-entrainment and its effects have been minimized for maximum efficiency and filter life. Carefully managed inlet velocity ensures that the air only flows downward, never up or sideways. This prevents air movement below the cartridges, where the dust has settled, and facilitates effective cleaning, both when the collector is operating and when it is shut down.

Features & Benefits of Downflow Cartridge Dust Collectors



Cartridges arranged in vertical orientation

  • Structural integrity of filter is maintained

  • Ensures consistent air-to-cloth ratio for each filter

Patented downflow/vertical airflow

  • Ensures uniform loading of filters while minimizing abrasion
  • Process air assists cleaning action during online pulsing
  • No-flow area below filters acts as settling chamber for dusts
  • Eliminates 90° filter rotation and 22% to 25% filter area loss inherent with horizontal filters

Small, solid-welded tube sheet below vertical cartridge

  • Gasket seals enhanced as filters load and cartridge becomes heavier
  • Eliminates potential for metal distortion and possible leakage

Solid welded construction separating clean air and dirty air plenums

  • Reduces potential for leakage

Reverse jet pulse design

  • Venturi-assisted to optimize cleaning effectiveness

Pulse valve silencers

  • Reduces overall system dBA

  • Standard vs. competitor’s option

Programmable Smart Boss pulse control with digital pressure differential sensor

  • Allows for on and offline initiation of cleaning cycle
  • 15 digital display functions
  • Saves compressed air and increases filter life



Side Inlet

  • Acts as dropout box for sparks
  • Reduces overhead ductwork clearance

Explosion Vent Door/Latches

  • Latches designed to release, eliminating replacement of expensive membrane panels

Centrifugal Partial Width Fan

  • Eliminates need for volume outlet damper

Fan Silencer

  • Reduces sound levels to comply with OSHA and EPA standards

Tech Specs for Trion Air Boss Downflow Dust Collectors

There are twenty models available.  The DC-2 is smallest and has two cartridge filters. The DC-128 is largest and has one-hundred-twenty-eight.


Filters Media
sq. ft.
Hoppers Standard
Unit Weight


2 508 1 130-1/8" 32" 44-3/4" 1,025


4 1,016 1 130-1/8" 63-3/4" 33" 1,598


4 1,016 1 155-1/8" 32" 44-3/4" 1,160
DC-6M 6 1,524 1 160-5/16" 83-3/4" 38-1/4" 2,205
DC-6 6 1,524 1 171-1/4" 80" 24" 1,888
DC-8 8 2,032 1 158-1/8" 63-3/4" 33" 1,790
DC-12 12 3,048 1 171-1/4" 83-3/4" 33-1/4" 2,465
DC-18 18 4,572 1 171-1/4" 88-3/4" 48-1/4" 3,395
DC-24 24 6,096 1 191" 105-25/32" 48-1/4" 4,050
DC-32 32 8,128 1 189-1/4" 105-25/32" 64-1/4" 5,025
DC-40 40 10,160 1 203-1/8" 80-1/4" 90-1/4" 4,880
DC-48 48 12,192 2 187-1/2" 106-1/4" 74-1/4" 5,575
DC-56 56 14,224 2 187-1/2" 122-1/4" 74-1/4" 6,245
DC-64 64 16,256 2 192-1/2" 138-1/4" 74-1/4" 6,980
DC-72 72 18,288 2 199-5/16" 154-1/4" 74-1/4" 7,657
DC-80 80 20,320 2 206-1/4" 170-1/4" 74-1/4" 8,450
DC-88 88 22,352 3 199-5/16" 186-1/4" 74-1/4" 9,495
DC-96 96 24,384 3 199-5/16" 202-1/4" 74-1/4" 10,236
DC-112 112 28,448 4 187-1/2" 244-1/2" 80-1/4" 12,490
DC-128 128 32,512 4 192-1/2" 276-1/2" 80-1/4" 13,960


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