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Trion Air Boss M1100 Smoke Eater Media Air Cleaner


"...Low maintenance, easy to use, and removes more than just smoke..."

The Air Boss M1100 commercial air cleaner is especially designed for larger rooms or multi-room facilities. It helps to reduce cleaning and redecorating costs by capturing the pollutants before they can settle on walls, ceilings and costly furnishings. It removes up to 98% of tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, lint, bacteria, and mold spores from re-circulated air in places such as cocktail lounges, clubs, bingo halls, meeting rooms, bowling centers, computer rooms, conference rooms, designated smoking areas, and more.


Features & Benefits for Trion Model M750 Smoke Eater...

High Efficiency Media Filters

Removal of Sub-micron particles

Re-circulates Indoor Air

Less expensive to heat or cool air

Front Access

No tools required to change filters

4-Way Adjustable Outlet Diffuser

Ability to better control air pattern

Convenient Design

Easy to Install on a wall or suspended from a ceiling

How Trion Air Boss Model M750 Media Air Cleaner Works...

M1100 uses a principle called Interception Filtration. Dirty, polluted air is drawn through the pre filter to remove larger dust particles. The second stage, micro-glass deep pocket media filter strips submicron particles from the air stream by interception. The small diameter fibers in the filter intercept and retain these small particles while the large surface area of the filter gives long life and low pressure drop. The blower is designed specifically to handle the filtration system at rated CFM over the useful life of the filter. The Trion units work independently of any HVAC system.

Tech Specs for Air Boss M1100 Media Air Cleaner...



600 CFM to 1025 CFM
Dimensions 43" L x 20" W x 14.5" H


Wall or Ceiling Mount


95 lbs.
Shipping Wt. 125 lbs.
Electrical Installation 8" power cord with 3 prong plug included
Motor 1/2 HP Thermally Protected
Blowers Direct drive squirrel cage forward curved
Power Consumption 7.2 Amps Max, 778 Watts Max
Input Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
U.L. recognized and listed components throughout
Controls Variable speed control and indicator light
General Throw Distance: to 45 ft.
4-way adjustable air outlet louvers
Sound Rating 43-64 dBA
Pre-Filter 1" thick polyester foam, washable
Main Filter 95% Multi-pocket filter bag (ASHRAE 52.1)
Main Filter Options 95% efficiency filter bag and 95% HEPA
95% filter bag and 99.97% HEPA
HEPA mounts on the clean air side of main filter
Refillable Gas / Odor Adsorber Module Options 2" thick V-bank module and filter bag
Dimensions:  11.75" H x 17.75" W x 11.75" D
Capacity: 14 lbs. activated charcoal or 21 lbs. activated alumina
Final Adsorber Option Final adsorber with 4 lbs activated charcoal capacity or 6 lbs. of activated alumina.
Cabinet 18 gauge welded galvanized steel
Finish Epoxy powder coat brown paint
Air Flow Horizontal - right to left or left to right
Filter Access End-load.  No tools required.
Accessories Filter change indicator gauge
Mounting Hardware Included 4 eyebolts.
Optional wall mount brackets.

Basic Configuration


Filter & Module Configurations


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