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Trion Air Boss T-1001, T-2002, T-1300, T-2600 & T-5200 Electronic Air Cleaner

"...Trion’s Electrostatic T Series is ideal for the removal of smoke, fumes, and oil/coolant smoke and mist..."

The T Series is an industrial electronic air cleaner that can clean dirty indoor air and recirculate it back to the inhabited area, reducing energy costs by not having to exhaust heated or cooled air to the outside. Any of the T Series can be installed free hanging for ambient capture or ducted for source capture.  Blowerless packaged electrostatic air purifiers such as the T1001, T2002, T4002, T8002 can be used independently of HVAC returns.  Trion Air Boss T-Series Electronic Air Cleaners are ideal for wet or relatively small dry particulates such as oil, synthetic & water based coolant mist, smoke, odors and fumes. 

Features of Air Boss T-Series...

• Solid state power supply
• Spiked ionizing blades
• Extra depth collector cells
• Totally enclosed fan cooled motor
• Electrical component box mounted out of air stream
• Optional multi-purpose plenum
• Motor HP options for added static pressure

Benefits of Air Boss T-Series...

• Ceramic insulators — out of air stream for increased reliability

• Extra depth collector cell — more dirt holding capacity and stays on line longer

• Spiked ionizer — no ionizing wires to replace, reducing maintenance and replacement cost

• High efficiency — up to 95% on single pass and 99% on double pass option

• Permanent ionizer/collector elements — no filter replacement cost; just wash, dry and reinstall

• Low pressure drop — lower energy cost to operate compared to media and cartridge units

• Hinged access — no tools required for quick and easy service

How T-Series Air Cleaners Work...

Trion’s T Series uses Electrostatic Precipitation. Air is pulled through a washable metal mesh pre-filter which traps large dust particles. The remaining particles, some as small as 0.01 microns, pass into a strong electrical field (ionizing section) where the particles receive an electrical charge. The charged particles then pass into a collector plate section made up of a series of equally spaced parallel plates. Each alternate plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles, which repel, while the other plates are grounded, which attract and collect, working like a magnet on metal shards.

Trion AirBoss T-Series Electrostatic Precipitator

Trion AirBoss T-1001 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Module

Trion Air Boss T-1001 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion AirBoss T-2002 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Module

Trion Air Boss T-2002 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion AirBoss T1300 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion Air Boss T-1300 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion AirBoss T-2600 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion Air Boss T-2600 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion AirBoss T-5200 Electronic Air Cleaner

Trion Air Boss T-5200 Electronic Air Cleaner

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