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Trion SE 800E Electrostatic Smoke Eater - Commercial Air Purifier

"Designed and manufactured by a leading name in the commercial air purification industry, the Trion SE 800E fits the bill for a number of applications"

The Trion SE 800E Smoke Eater uses washable electronic filters and can be either flush mounted in a 2' X 4' drop ceiling system or surface mounted to a solid ceiling. A wall mount control is included, as is a trim kit for drop ceilings and a mounting template for solid ceilings.

The Trion SE800 is a commercial air purifier that has been specifically designed to remove airborne contaminants - including tobacco smoke, dust, pollen and mold spores - in rooms and areas where people work or relax such as restaurants, bars, office spaces, computer rooms, designated smoking areas, and more.


  • High 800 CFM produces nearly 8 air changes per hour in an 800 square foot room.
    (based on 8' ceiling height and maximum fan speed)

  • Optional fresh air intake, in case you wish to provide fresh air to the room

  • Included wall-mount fan speed control - 24V

  • Easily installed in a number of ways: semi-recessed,  ceiling mount, and wall mount

  • Hard-wired 120 V into electrical system, eliminating the need for a local outlet.


  • Home offices / game rooms

  • Break rooms

  • Cocktail lounges

  • Small office

  • Board rooms

  • Billiard room

  • Small bar

Coanda Airflow Pattern

The SE800E utilizes the Coanda Aerodynamic Principle, in which contaminated air is drawn in through the bottom of the air cleaner and redistributed from all sides, rendering a 360° airflow pattern.  Also referred to as an
"envelope of clean air"


Trion SE 800E Smoke Eater

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Tridex ESP Detergent - $169.95

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The SE800E Smoke Eater Uses a 4 Stage Cleaning Process:

  1. Contaminated air enters the smoke eater through a washable prefilter, which "weeds out" the larger particles, allowing the main filters to do their job effectively

  2. The particles are given an electrostatic charge, preparing them for the third filtration stage

  3. Oppositely charged collector plates attract the charged particles

  4. Clean air is returned to the room


dirty air pre-filter ionizer collector clean air

There Are Three Filters In Your Trion SE800E Smoke Eater Air Cleaner:

THE PRE-FILTER: This is the mechanical filter that lies behind the inlet grill. It is designed to remove the larger particles, protecting the main filter from unnecessary use, and can be washed many times before replacement.

THE ELECTROSTATIC FILTERS:  These are the two main filters that make this air cleaner so effective.  Once the contaminated air passes through the prefilter, it then passes the ionizing section, in which the particles are given an electrostatic charge.  The oppositely charged collector plates following the ionizing section pull the charged particles out of the air stream (similar to a magnet picking up paper clips), resulting in clean air.  This filtration method is extremely effective, as there is no loss in airflow.  Unlike media filters that block the particles (as well as air when the filter loads),  electrostatic precipitation results in no sacrifice to air flow, while delivering the same, in some cases higher efficiency than most standard media filters.


Specifications For The Trion SE 800E Electrostatic Smoke Eater
Dimensions: 45"L x 22.5"W x 9.5"H
Installation: Flush mount /surface mount
Weight: 80 lbs./shipping 105 lbs.
Electrical: 120 VAC,60 hz,1 ph - 260 watts
Motor: (2) 1/25 hp ball bearing, direct drive, thermally protected
Blower: Two propeller fans
Air Volume (CFM): 400, 600, 800
Controls: 3 speed, power “ON ” light, power “to cell ” light
Sound Rating: 41 dB, 58 dB, 65 dB
Efficiency: Up to 95% per ASHRAE 52.1 /Dust spot
Pre-filter: Two aluminum mesh
Primary Filter: Forever Filter® (2 each) Electrical collector cell
Cabinet: 20-gauge galvanized steel
Finish: Beige urethane polyester coat paint
Air Flow: Coanda 4-way discharge
Filter Access: Hinged, removable filter access door
Mounting Hardware: 4 eye bolts, trim brackets
Safety Device: Access door safety switch
Accessory: Remote ON/OFF switch


Replacement Parts for the Trion SE800E
441730-001x2 Set of two (2) Ionizing/Collecting Cells  
254026-XXX Fan Motor  
253863-001x2 Set of two (2) Aluminum Mesh Prefilters  
133546-003 LED Light  
2540248-001 LED Board Assembly  
250056-001 Rotary Switch  
254101-001 Fan  
353742-001 Cell Latch  
150685-001 Cell Retaining Cup  
350950-003 Power Supply  
254167-001 Transformer  
253852-001 Access Cover Latch  
354109-001 Cell Contact Assembly  
153848-001 Actuator, 2x2  
254294-002 Recessed Ceiling Mounting Kit 2x4  

Servicing and Maintaining Your SE800E Smoke Eater:

Unlike media filter-based air cleaners and smoke eaters, your Trion SE 800E will require a little more maintenance - maintenance that will save you a lot of money in the long run, though, so it is imperative that you properly service your equipment.  After all, everyone wants to protect their investments.  Listed below are some tips on how to properly maintain your SE 800E.

During normal operation, the SE800E electrostatic smoke eater will make an occasional snapping noise. This is caused by larger pieces of dirt accumulating on the electronic filter and is not dangerous. The Trion SE800E commercial air cleaner has anti-arcing circuitry to eliminate the nuisance of constant arcing. If, however, the arcing occurs every minute or two, it is an indication that your commercial air cleaner needs cleaning. When a service is due proceed as follows:

a) Remove pre-filter and either vacuum clean it or wash as described below.
b) To clean the electronic filter, soak it in a hot (not boiling) water and use a strong non-caustic detergent solution cleaner.  Soak the collector cell for several hours, then rinse with clean water. Do not physically try to rub the dirt off since this can cause damage to the filter.
c) Allow the filter to dry and replace into the unit

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