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Concealed Ceiling Smokeeter FS and LS

"...Hidden Smoke Eater System adapts to any room configuration or situation..."

FS and LS models are ideal for locations where ceiling height and looks are an issue. They are installed above the ceiling and virtually out of sight, only the supply and return grilles are visible. FS and LS models operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners,  because they are above the ceiling and out of the room. They can also be ducted to multiple rooms.

Not Just For Smoke
Smokeeter (pronounced smoke eater) is well known as a commonly used commercial air purifier. This system is great for cleaning air in smoking environments like bars, casinos, nightclubs and restaurants, just like the name says. The FS and LS series can also be used in non-smoking environments as well, such as, daycare facilities, churches, restaurants, and nursing homes. Harmful airborne contaminants that cannot be seen or smelled will be quickly and efficiently cleared from the air.

Easy Maintenance, High Efficiency, Quiet Operation
Smokeeters use easy-to-clean, reusable metal collection cell plates that eradicate the need for expensive filter replacements. They have a large collection surface area, allowing for longer usage between cleanings. In most businesses, air cleaning systems run all the time. That's why Smokeeters are built to be extremely durable, even under the most difficult practices. Along with immaculate performance, the durability of the unit's equipment is demonstrated by years of dependable service.

Smokeeter air cleaners use less energy and are 35% more effective in capturing submicronic particles than media units, which use more horsepower and cost more to operate and maintain.  Plus, the low horsepower requirement of Smokeeter reduces noise from the motor/blower.

Features of Smoke Eater FS & LS...

  • Designed to collect airborne particulate down to a size of 0.01 microns.
  • Can be suspended via rods from structural ceiling.
  • Duct spigot diameter is 10 inches on both flow and return.
  • Ductwork, grilles and associated items are not included.
  • Activated carbon after-filter included.
  • Washable pre-filter is included.
  • Available with on-board 3-speed control, remote (24-volt) 3 speed control, or Infra-Red remote control.
  • This is a TRUE electrostatic precipitator.

Benefits of Smokeeter FS & LS...
Not only will customers, guests and employees be more satisfied with the cleanliness of the air, but you will be happy too! The FS and LS systems helps lower your utility costs, by continually recirculating the filtered air, instead of just pushing the heated and cooled air outside. Cleaning costs will also be lowered as this filtration system will reduce the amount of dust and dirt collecting on surfaces throughout the room. Also, the system is quieter because of a reduced horsepower motor.

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How Concealed Smoke Eaters Work

As shown to the right, dirty air is drawn into the FS or LS Smokeeter system through square vents, or Return Air Assemblies, installed in two different areas. The air runs through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is moved to the Smokeeter through a "Y"Connection. Pollutants and other harmful contaminants are then filtered from the air. Clean air is sent through more ductwork and another "Y"Connection, where it is released into different locations through louvered outlet grilles (vents), or Supply Air Assemblies.



  • Animal Care Facilities
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Bars
  • Bingo Halls
  • Bowling Centers
  • Break Rooms/Cafeterias
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Offices
  • Print Shops
  • Race Tracks
  • Residences
  • Restaurants
  • Schools


How ESP Works
The FS and LS system uses Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) to remove particles like smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from the air. Room air is pulled into the Crystal-Aire unit and given a positive charge. The air then passes through stacked plates with a negative charge, this pulls particles in the air to the plates like magnets. After, the air passes through an activated carbon filter which removes common odors from the air, leaving only clean, fresh smelling air behind.



Concealed FS and LS Smoke Eater System Accessories

The Standard components of FS and LS concealed Smokeeter systems are the air cleaning mechanism itself and a wall-mounted remote control switch. The wide variety of accessories make these air cleaners easy to customize to any size or shaped room.

Carbon Plenum

The carbon module, or plenum, holds carbon and is used to combat strong, pervasive odors.
Twenty-gauge steel cabinet
FS has 4 trays and holds 12 lbs. of carbon; LS has 6 trays and holds 18 lbs. of carbon.
FS offers 10" inlet/outlet collars and LS offers 16" inlet/outlet collars. This allows the Carbon Plenum to connect to flexible or hard duct.

Supply Air Assembly

The Supply Air Assembly, or outlet grille, recirculates clean air into the room. It features a white enamel finish to blend with the ceiling and adjustable louvers.
Supply Air Assemblies are available in these sizes:
24" x 24" T-bar (12" x 12" grille) with 8" elbow
24" x 24" T-bar (12" x 12" grille) with 10" elbow

Aluminized Flexible Duct

The Aluminized Flexible Duct allows users to channel air up to 25'. It is made of UL-listed aluminum polyester laminate with encapsulated galvanized steel wire, and can be compressed into just 32". Aluminized Flexible Duct is available in the following sizes:
8" x 25'
10" x 25'
16" x 25'


The "Y"Connection is a device used to direct air to more than one area of a room. This transition piece can accept sheet metal or flexible duct. Available sizes include:
16" inlet with two 10" "Y"connections
16" inlet with three 8" "Y"connections
10" inlet with two 8" "Y"connections

Return Air Assembly

Designed to draw air into a concealed Smokeeter, the Return Air Assembly, or inlet grille, is made up of molded fiberglass plenum with scrim reinforced foil back and square-to-round collars. The molded white polystyrene eggcrate is 24" x 24" T-bar drop-in with 1/2" x 1/2" grid spacing.
24" x 24" T-bar (12" x 12" grille) with 8" elbow
24" x 24" T-bar (12" x 12" grille) with 10" elbow

Remote Switch Assembly

A standard accessory with concealed Smokeeters, the Remote Switch Assembly features a wall-mounted remote control with on/off switch and indicator light. The switch can be changed to an optional multiple speed control (shown), and the lamp notifies users when the unit needs to be serviced.

Tech Specs for Concealed Smoke Eaters FS and LS




Dimensions Length 46-5/8" Length 46-1/2"
Width 20-5/8" Width 19-5/16"
Height 14-1/4" Height 21"
Hanging Weight (lbs) 102 150
CFM 440-900 600-1500
Motor HP 1/4 1/2
Amps 6 7


Additional Concealed Systems

BPA also offers the Crystal-Aire concealed air cleaner. This modular system is much like Smokeeter in that it removes smoke, bacteria and other harmful pollutants from the air. However, Crystal-Aire offers the flexibility to add various modules to the Motor/Blower section to meet specific needs in environments such as extremely heavy smoke, pervasive odors and certain building code requirements. Available modules include ESP, Bag Filter, Box Filter, Fresh Air Inlet, Odor Control and Germicidal Ultraviolet. 


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