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United Air Specialists Kitchen Emission Cleaning System

Smog Hog Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaner

Shown above:  Smog-Hog PSG 22-2 Kitchen Emission Control System installed in the exhaust ductwork ventilates 5,000 CFM from the 15' x 5' grill hood.

"A Smog-Hog Kitchen Emission Control System in your restaurant eliminates odor, keeps you in compliance, and saves you money..."

Inside your restaurant, customers reactions to the food quality depends a lot on how things look, and smell.  It's the same outside.  Clear, odor-free air around your establishment is the first sign of a good neighbor and a quality business.

Eliminate Grease, Smoke, Odor...and Worries!
Grilling, frying and charbroiling emissions can become a problem in your area if these emissions are not properly monitored.  Also, visible smoke and odor may alert authorities to possible compliance problems, resulting in a possibility of heft fines.  A Smog-Hog Kitchen Emission Control System helps reduce these worries.


 UAS Products Available... PSG & Universal

PSG In-Line Duct and Rooftop Systems
The Smog-Hog PSG series is used for larger hoods and is suspended above the grill. It is used on hoods that require higher airflow ratings (825-22,000 CFM). They can be built into new construction plans or refit to existing exhaust systems.

Above:  A Smog-Hog PSG 32-1 rooftop installation removes annoying smoke and greasy odors from commercial kitchen emissions to guarantee only clean air is exhausted into the neighborhood.

UNIVERSAL In-Hood Systems Capture At the Source
Smog-Hog universal series units are usually recommended for restaurants with smaller hoods and lower airflow requirements (425-1,350 CFM). These units are mounted on top of the hood above the grill itself and then connected to the exhaust ducting. Therefore, grease and smoke are collected just inches away from the source, reducing the amount that may settle on surfaces.

Above:  Grease and smoke particles are removed directly at the source when a Smog-Hog Universal SH-94-2 completes the cooking ventilation system.  Aluminum collection cells are easy to remove, clean and reuse.

More Effective, Lower Operating Costs
Smog-Hog units are more efficient in that they are the only units on the market to come with a self-regulating power pack. This ensures the highest collection efficiency possible in a varied amount of cooking conditions. This makes Smog-Hog more efficient than incinerators, scrubbers, or media units.

Simple Maintenance
Smog-Hog's aluminum collection plates are reusable (just rinse them clean!), therefore eliminating the need for costly filter replacement. Filter plates are located for simple recovery.

A Wide Range of Configurations
Smog-Hog can be fitted for use in any size kitchen or hood. Sometimes standard exhaust systems are impractical, not with Smog-Hog! Now there is no need to worry, regardless what size kitchen hood you may have.

PSG 11
PSG 12
PSG 14
PSG 22
PSG 32
PSG 24
PSG 42
PSG 34
PSG 44

UNIV SH-94-1
UNIV SH-94-2
UNIV SH-94-3

How Electrostatic Precipitation Works

ESP Air Cleaning System
Smog-Hog uses Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) to remove particles like smoke, grease, and odor from the air. Kitchen exhaust is pulled into the Smog-Hog unit and given a positive charge. The air then passes through stacked plates with a negative charge, this pulls particles in the air to the plates like magnets. After, the air passes through an activated carbon filter which removes the particulates from the air, leaving only clean, fresh smelling air behind.

Eliminate Odor - Your #1 Concern
Citizens may base their opinion on your restaurant before they even walk through the doors. Smells emitted by your restaurant can be a deterrent to continual business. A Smog-Hog will help alleviate you of this worry by filtering grease, smoke and odors from the air.

Keeps You in Compliance
A Smog-Hog Kitchen Emission Control System assures compliance with even the strictest federal, state or local environmental standards.  Meeting air quality needs up-front eliminates unexpected retrofit costs later.

Saves You Money
The build up that results from kitchen emissions can be costly in routine maintenance as well as roof replacement and repairs. Get rid of these costly effects with a Smog-Hog.

Smog-Hog Kitchen Emission Control Systems have been installed in hundreds of locations including the following...


Lone Star


Pizzeria Uno

Pizza Hut

P.F. Chang's Cina Bistro

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Yankee Stadium

Planet Hollywood

Smith & Wolenski's

Ceasar's Palace Hotel

Westin Hotels

River Walk San Antonio

USTA Flushing Meadow, NY

Great Steak & Potato

Burger King

Ruby Foos Times Square

California Pizza Kitchen

Aladdin Hotel & Casino

Phils BBQ


TGI Friday's



A Total Pollution Control Solution
Smog-Hog Kitchen Emission Control Systems leave management free to focus on restaurant operations by virtually eliminating any concern about environmental emissions and odor complaints.  Smog-Hog also saves on operating and maintenance costs making it a great value in kitchen emissions control.


Technical Specifications for Smog Hog PSG and Universal

Model Airflow Rating CFM Motor Horsepower
PSG 11 825-1,375 2-5
PSG 12 1,650-2,750 2-7
PSG 14 2,800-4,500 3-10
PSG 22 3,300-5,500 3-10
PSG 32 4,950-8,250 5-15
PSG 24 6,600-11,000 7-20
PSG 42 6,600-11,000 7-20
PSG 34 9,900-16,500 10-25
PSG 44 13,200-22,000 15-30
UNIV SH-94-1 425-450 N/A
UNIV SH-94-2 850-900 N/A
UNIV SH-94-3 1,275-1,350 N/A


Accessories and Options for Smog Hog PSG and Universal

Custom control panels

Custom paint colors

Factory startup/orientation

Fire suppression system

Inlet plenum with grease impingment prefilter

In-place cleaning system

Insulated weather enclosure

Motor starter

Odor control modules

Outlet transition plenum

Prefilter options

Remote start/stop control panel

Skid-mounted systems

UL/ETL agency-approved unit

See our entire line of Commercial Kitchen Emission Systems.

If you have any questions, call us, we'll be glad to help!


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