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 Flush-Mount Smokeeter Model SE-24

"...Hide a UAS Smokeeter model SE24 electronic air cleaner in any standard drop ceiling..."

SE-24 is a self-contained smoke elimination system that mounts flush into a 2x4 ceiling tile.  This unit is virtually camouflaged with the ceiling and is simple to get to for regular service and maintenance. The SE24 also has a remote speed control switch, allowing the user full fan speed control without having to climb up a ladder first.

Smoke, Odor, or Both?
As its namesake implies, the Smokeeter SE24 "eats smoke."  There are basically two factors involved with controlling tobacco smoke - the actual smoke, and the odor associated with it.  Electrostatic filtration is extremely effective at removing the particles from the airstream, but does little for the actual odor.  Odor control is addressed more from a molecular standpoint, therefore, you need something to counteract the odors.  This is where a catalyst is introduced... granulated carbon has a high adsorbency rating for odors and fumes associated with tobacco smoke; therefore, it is used to soak up the odors, preventing them from permeating in the breathable air.  The SE24 comes standard with a carbon after-filter to help address your tobacco odor issues.


  • High efficiency particle collection

  • Installs in a drop ceiling for aesthetic quality

  • Multistage filtration




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Technical Specifications for Smokeeter Model SE-24

Air Flow Rating: 520-1025 cfm
Weight: 118 lbs
Color: Ivory
Dimensions: 46-5/8" x 22-7/8" x 17"
Motor: 1/2 hp
Current: 6.4 amps
Mounting Method: Flush Mount


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