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Ceiling / Wallmount Smokeeter SE-40

"The Smokeeter SE40 helps control tobacco smoke and odors with ease..."

With its classic woodgrain finish, the Smokeeter SE 40 fits into a number of environments.  There are wall and ceiling mounting options available to this commercial air cleaner, to accommodate just about any room where air pollution control is needed.

This high efficiency electrostatic smoke eater features a three speed control, so you can select the amount of airflow that works best for your application.  For example, crowded sports bars may wish to set the unit on its highest fan setting for maximum benefit of contaminant controls, while a dining hall may wish to use the lower settings to cut down on "fan noise" during meals, then adjust the fan to a higher setting during reception-type events. 

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Not Just For Smoke
Smokeeter is probably the most widely known commercial air cleaner available; the reason for this is that it does just as its namesake, cleaning and ridding the air of any annoying pollutants like smoke, dust, and allergens.  The SE-40 not only works great in bars, billiard halls, and restaurants, but it can also be used in non-smoking environments, such as nursing homes or medical offices.  Why would you put a smoke eater in a non-smoking environment?  The answer is quite simple: the Smokeeter is not only highly effective for tobacco smoke, but for maintaining air quality in general.  The same electrostatic technology is used in many air purifiers, from residential to commercial, even industrial applications where cigarette smoke isn't even an issue.  Electrostatic filtration charges and pulls the particles out of the air stream, where these particles originate isn't really of consequence.  The same type of carbon that is used in the Smokeeter line of air cleaners to control tobacco odor is the same carbon that is used to control other odors, such as off-gassing from carpet, paint fumes, pet odors, and the like.  There are different blends of carbon for specific chemical fumes, but the constant still remains...carbon. 

Learn more about how carbon works by clicking the link below: http://www.ilpi.com/msds/ref/activatedcharcoal.html

Easy Maintenance, High Efficiency, Quiet Operation
Smokeeters use high efficiency collector plates that eliminate the need for costly filter replacement... just wash and reuse! The surface area on the collection plates is quite large, thus reducing how often you must clean the filters. Using this filtration method also eliminates the need for a noisy fan to move enough air to compensate for constantly loading media filters, making the SE-24 quieter than most brands.

Smokeeter air cleaners are 35% more effective in collecting particles smaller than 0.3 microns than media units, which use more horsepower and cost more to operate and maintain.  In addition, the low horsepower requirement of Smokeeter makes the motor/blower quieter and use less energy.

Your Smokeeter SE40 Features:

An electrostatic collection cell rated to collect airborne particulates as small as 0.01 microns

Multiple mounting options

Carbon filter for odor control

Washable prefilter (for larger particles)

Multi-speed control


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Billiard Rooms
Bingo Halls
Bowling Centers
Break Rooms/Cafeterias
Cigar Bars
Healthcare Facilities
Nursing Homes

How Smoke Eaters Work
The SE-40 uses Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) to remove particles like smoke, grease, and odor from the air. Airborne particulates are pulled into the SE-40 unit and given a positive charge. The air then passes through stacked plates with a negative charge, which pull particles to the plates like paper clips to magnets. Lastly, the air passes through an activated carbon filter, which removes the odors, leaving only clean, fresh smelling air behind.

More Benefits
So, not only will customers, guests and employees be more satisfied with the cleanliness of the air, but you will be happy too! The SE-40 unit helps lower your utility costs, by continually re-circulating the filtered air, instead of just pushing the heated and cooled air outside. Cleaning costs will also be lowered as this filtration system will reduce the amount of dust and dirt collecting on surfaces throughout the room. Also, the system is quieter than most because of a reduced horsepower motor.


Technical Specifications for Smokeeter Model SE-40

Air Flow Rating: 450-950 cfm
Weight: 113 lbs
Color: Woodgrain
Dimensions: 40-1/4" x 20-7/8" x 12-7/8"
Motor: 1/4 hp
Current: 6 amps
Mounting Method: Ceiling or Wall


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