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Ceiling / Wall-Mount Smokeeter SE-50

"...I need a smoke eater, but I don't have a drop ceiling... what can I do?"

Some commercial establishments only have high, open-type ceilings with exposed beams, while others may only have solid sheetrock ceilings.  Whatever the configuration, these flat or open ceiling style areas cannot accommodate some air cleaners.  Fortunately, the Smokeeter SE 50 is available.  This commercial air cleaner is not meant to be recessed into a ceiling plenum, but rather installed on a wall, or hung from the ceiling joists.  Smoke is warmer than the atmospheric air, so it will naturally rise; however, it will eventually cool off, and start leveling off, then falling back into the breathing zone.  This usually happens between 13 and 15 ft.  Therefore, it is a good practice to capture the contaminants where they are going to be most predominant.

The Smokeeter SE 50, like its less powerful siblings, also uses electrostatic precipitation to draw the contaminant particles out of the air.  This filtration method is more efficient than using media filters, mainly because there is no sacrificing of airflow.  Unlike media filters, which "block" particles using tightly woven fibers, ESP filters consist of an ionizing section followed by collector plates.  The ionizing section gives the particles an electrostatic charge, then as the charged particles pass the collection plates, they are pulled out of the air stream and agglomerate on these oppositely charged plates.  See the diagram below for a visual representation on how this works.

Features of the Smokeeter SE 50

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Technical Specifications for Smokeeter Model SE-50

Air Flow Rating: 600-1,500 cfm
Weight: 138 lbs
Color: Woodgrain
Dimensions: 40-1/4" x 19-1/2" x 20"
Motor: 1/2 hp
Current: 7 amps
Mounting Method: Ceiling or Wall


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