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VisionAir 2 Commercial Air Cleaner

"...A remote control for your air cleaner?..."

According to recent research, it has been learned that indoor air pollution can be greater than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air has less room to circulate, therefore, dust, pet dander and allergens collect and concentrate. With the VisionAir 2 air cleaner, your restaurant, bar, or even daycare can have substantially cleaner air.

The VisionAir2 contains a UV light, pleated media filter, a carbon filter to remove odors and even a control monitor for hands free continuous measurement of the air around you!

VisionAir 2Media 1200CFM & ESP 1500CFM

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Accessories for the VisionAir 2

Sterile Air
UV-light kills microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This considerably helps those with lowered immune systems and severe allergies that may enter your building. By killing mold spores, the UV light can also help reduce musty odors.  UV is also great for cigar & cigarette smoke.

Air Monitor
The Air monitor automatically guarantees continual air cleanliness. When it is turned on, there is no more need to manually control the unit. This monitor constantly measures the particulates in the air and adjusts the airflow according to need, getting rid of the need to use the remote control or manually pushing buttons.  Air Monitor is standard on VisionAir 2.

Odor Free
Sometimes this unit will be used in a rather smelly area, with definite needs of odor control. This unit has a carbon filter which can be used with an optional air freshener to further help with the fragrance needs of your area. This is ultimately helpful in nursing homes, bars, and bingo halls. It will help filter cigarette smoke and other common indoor smells.

Installation Options for the VisionAir 2

Flush Mount
Flush mounting is often the preferred method of installation.  In terms of appearance, the bulk of the unit is hidden above the ceiling.  Since there is usually existing electrical above the ceiling, wiring for the unit is also conveniently hidden away.  As far as function, most ceilings are the right height for smoke and fumes.

Surface Mount
On either a wall or ceiling, surface mounting is a good way to locate the unit up high when it is not possible to flush mount.  Smoke and fumes usually accumulate 14 to 20 feet above the floor. For most rooms, the ceiling is functionally, the best location to surface mount the VisionAir2. For places with very high ceilings, such as a halls, arenas, gymnasiums, etc. the units can be mounted on a walls or support columns 14 to 20 feet above the floor.

Features and Benefits for the VisionAir 2

The simplicity of filter maintenance...
The VisionAir2 has a counter timer to remind you when filters need to be changed. This is a very user friendly process, taking only a few minutes. The ElectroMax Filter and MediaMax Filter are interchangeable, you won't have to worry if they're backwards like with batteries.

Room Spray is out ...
The VisionAir2 is in. Each VisionAir air cleaner has an activated carbon filter, which rids the air of common odors; like smoke, pet odors, cooking and even stinky diaper smells.


Technical Specifications for VisionAir 2

Room Volume up to 12,000 ft.
Air Flow ElectroMax 1,500 cfm
MediaMax 1,200 cfm
Fan Speeds 4
Type of Filters Pre-filter
Disposable or ESP filter
Activated carbon filter
Control IR remote control
Air Monitor (Standard)
Mounting Options Surface Mounted to Ceiling
Flush Mounted in Ceiling
Available Colors Off white
Optional Accessories Ceiling Mount Kit (surface mount)
Built In Kit (drop ceiling)
Odor Free Filters (2)
Sterile Air (4 tubes)
FreeBreeze Odor Control Optional
Dimensions 24.8 X 41.3 X11.4 in.
Maximum Build In Height 8.3"
Weight ElectroMax 75 lbs.
MediaMax 56 lbs.
Power Supply 115 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption of Air Cleaner Unit ElectroMax 225 W
MediaMax 222 W
Power Consumption - UV Lights 44 W
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years

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