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Welding Hoods

Ready to upgrade your welding hood safety and comfort?

Welding hoods protect your eyes from flying debris, some smoke and vapors, and the bright light from welding.  Whether your welding hood is economical and simple or looks like a flaming skull with an air hose attached, it is important to protect yourself and your workers from eye damaging light and debris so as not to lose important work-time and irreplaceable eye sight.


The Importance of Welding Hoods...

Millions of workers employed in manufacturing parts for products such as automobiles, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery, and other hardware are exposed to flying debris and extremely bright lights from welding that can injure workers eyes. Besides pain, suffering and the humanity of being responsible for someone's permanent eye damage, it can take as little as one to five days recovery, if not a lifetime.  Besides legal and medical costs, you will be faced with downtime and overwhelming paperwork.  Welding hoods and helmets are the main tool in preventing such accidents from occurring.

Types of Welding Hoods...

There are two main types of welding hoods, the stationary filter lens welding hood and the flip-front filter lens welding hood

The stationary filter lens welding helmet has a fixed lens housing with the shaded lens held in by a spring retainer from where a lens can be slipped out and replaced as welding requires. It is important to change a welding hood lens when it becomes scratched or dirty in order to prevent the wearer from accidents such as tripping and falling.

The flip-front filter lens welding hood has a lens housing with a front side that can be flipped up so that it leaves a clear-glass lens that permits the hood to be worn while chipping.

Other safety additions...

Sometimes just a welding hood is not enough. Often, safety goggles are also required for additional protection while doing hot-metal work or blasting.  Also, when working with certain metals that give off toxic gases, some work will require a respirator to be used in addition to the welding hood in order to further protect the workers lungs from irritation or even poisoning.

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