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"A Central Whole House Air Purifier & Whole House Air Cleaner Is Ideal For Taking The Initial Steps To Improving Your Indoor Air Quality"

Whole house air purifiers and whole house air cleaners provide a baseline of central air purification for your entire home. Our whole house air purifiers are designed to be installed in or, connected to your central air system duct work.

One advantage of installing a central whole house air cleaner is to reduce the amount of noise a normal room air purifier would generate if that were the only air  purifier you were to purchase.

Whole house air purification is extremely cost effective; by combining germicidal UV air purification and HEPA type efficient particle filtration you can provide whole house air purification system for the entire home that would normally require 5, 6, or more individual room air purifiers.

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HEPA Based Whole House Air Purifiers trap airborne particles and remove airborne particles from the air but do not kill bacteria, viruses and mold.

Whole House UV Air Cleaners kill bacteria, viruses and mold spores. UV air purifies are not designed to filter airborne particles out of the air.


whole house air cleaner and whole house air purifier.Do you, or members of  your family, suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions?

In addition to a whole house air purifier and air cleaner, a room air purifier in the  bedroom will provide an additional level of air purification allowing your respiratory system time to heal and get stronger while you sleep.


Electro-Filter electronic furnace filter is used as a whole house electronic air cleaner.
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Induct HVAC Whole House Electronic Air Cleaners

"...Brand New! Electronic Furnace Filter Transforms Your HVAC System into a Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner!"

The new electro filter uses three air purification methods to provide high efficiency filtration while still allowing for maximum airflow. It's the best of both world's! learn more

The Electro-Filter - An  whole house electronic air cleaner - installs easily where you would usually place your disposable furnace filer. Simply slide the unit into the slot your existing filter is in, plug it in and enjoy whole house air purification!


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UV light induct whole house air purifier acts as a whole house air cleaner.


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Induct HVAC Whole House UV Air Cleaners

"...The Government Protects Their Employees From Airborne Bacteria, Viruses and Mold By Using UV Air Cleaners in Their HVAC Ducts... "
Protect your family with the same technology!

Your heating and air-conditioning ventilation ducts and filters breed and circulate bacteria, viruses and allergy-causing mold spores. The American-Lights™ Whole house In-duct UV Air Cleaner effectively kills these contaminants from the indoor air.

Protect yourself and your family with an American-Lights™ whole house in-duct UV air purifier. This whole house  UV Air Cleaner has twice the wattage (power) compared to other UV duct cleaners and can help fight sickness caused by viruses and bacteria, such as, the common cold, influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis. This whole house UV air purifier has been tested to improve your indoor air and guard against Sick Building Syndrome.


Trion Air Bear Supreme Whole House Media Air Cleaner

"...Perfect upgrade for your home's heating/air conditioning  system..."

Trion Air Bear Supreme whole-house media air cleaners are much more efficient than ordinary furnace filters. In fact, Air Bear Supreme media filters consistently outperform the competition, thanks to their highly efficient synthetic material, featuring extended-surface pleats that have been proven to have a higher dirt-holding capacity than competitive filters. The Air Bear family features the excellent qualities of low resistance for HVAC systems, quick-and-easy installation, and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.


Trion HE Plus Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner

"...Trion HE Plus provides Electrostatic Precipitation for your whole house HVAC system..."

A Trion electronic air cleaner is directly connected to the heating and cooling system so that recirculated air passes through the air cleaner. The permanent mesh pre-filter has first contact with dirty air pulled in by the furnace blower and traps large particles such as hair and lint. Then, a high-voltage ionizer within the air cleaner 's air-purifying cell charges airborne pollutants such as bacteria and viruses so that they adhere to the collection plates. This prevents harmful irritants from being constantly recirculated inside the home. The air, cleaned of most of its impurities, is returned to the home. The air-purifying cell is easily renewable by periodic washings.


Trion Air Bear Right Angle Whole House Media Air Cleaner

"...Home HVAC in duct air cleaner that adapts to a right angle installation..."

With its built-in ductwork, the Trion Air Bear Right Angle works in installation situations that require a 90 degree duct adapter. Once installed, the Right Angle typically saves 6-8 inches of space, making it ideal for basement applications.


Air Bear Grille Mount Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner

"...A convenient solution for whole house air cleaning when induct is not possible..."

Trion's TGM 2 improves the quality of recirculated air in homes and buildings where induct air cleaning systems are not feasible. It is suited for either vertical or horizontal installation in wall, ceiling, or closet returns. The TGM 2 is a powerful unit which features tilt-out collection cell trays, a high frequency "pulse" power supply, and an exclusive step-down power selection system. It comes with a 120-day dealer labor allowance, and a 2-year limited warranty.  

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